Analytics capabilities build up

Analytics capabilities build up

Case studies

An incumbent integrated telecom operator (fixed, mobile, TV, ICT) in a large Asian market had started seeing deterioration on its operational results due to decrease in overall telco market growth due to market saturation and increase in competitive intensity across segments

In this context, the client wanted to: 

  • Understand at a granular level the underlying dynamics in the market and in its customer base across business lines, segments, products etc to be able to be precise and surgical in its operational decisions (eg commercial, investments, etc)
  • Build the capabilities to generate such insights in an ongoing basis as the key input for management decisions in the company across different areas

The client asked Delta Partners’ support to achieve these two key objectives in coordination with the customer facing areas, financial controllers and other different departments.  

Our approach

Delta Partners helped the client address this problem by taking a comprehensive approach on the capabilities (in terms of people, processes and systems) that needed to be built in order to achieve the agreed objectives. As such, the key modules of the engagement scope included to build a new level of insight inside the organisation, build the required capabilities to continue generating them on an on going basis and adjust the organisational governance models to ensure such insights were distributed and acted upon in the right manner. We work on the following areas: 

  • Definition of hypothesis to be tested and analyses to be conducted to prove/disprove the hypothesis to understand in detail underlying trends in business variables 
  • Build up of the data model required to support the defined analyses
  • Generation of insights and inductive reporting to communicate outputs to top management
  • Definition of new organisational model, processes and systems required to perpetuate the generation of insights on an on going basis
  • Adjustment of the governance model to ensure conclusions are acted upon in the appropriate manner

Our impact

  • Design of new data architecture and systems (HW and SW) able to generate the new level of insights defined
  • Build up of a new Analytics Unit (42 FTEs) serving the different business lines on a horizontal manner and responsible for Business Performance and Insight generation, Customer Experience and Market Research
  • Analytics Unit reporting to Group CEO
  • New governance model implemented, putting Analytics Unit at the centre/origination of key management decision across business lines
  • Operational results after 18 months show +23% effectiveness on commercial initiatives, -12% CAPEX and customer experience improvement of 26%
  • Revenue growth changed from -2.4% to +4.6% in 18 months