Telecommunications portfolio assessment

Telecommunications portfolio assessment

Case studies

Following a request by its Board to conduct a strategic portfolio review, a leading Middle East based telecom Group appointed us to review its existing portfolio in terms of current and future value creation for its shareholders.  We were also ask to review the capital required and to provide recommendations on how to optimise and grow the existing portfolio. 

Our approach 

Our team devised a project framework aimed to address five key issues faced by the Group including:

  1. How balanced is the portfolio
  2. How does the client compare with the competition and adjacent industries 
  3. How can the existing portfolio be optimized
  4. What options are available to expand the portfolio
  5. What are the key recommendations and financial implications

The project framework consisted of three building blocks, each addressing one or two of the identified five issues

Our impact

As a result of the assessment, the Group’s management team was able to present to the Board the following: 

  • Consideration of strategic options given the Group’s current situation and expected evolution
  • Proposal of a set of recommendations on portfolio optimisation and growth
  • Quantification of the potential value creation, financial implications and funding requirements for each of the recommendations.