My journey leading the Research & Intelligence practice at Delta Partners

When I joined Delta Partners in 2010, little did I know that what I was signing up for was beyond a job. I never imagined it would be the place I can call my second home, that it would be the place to build friendships and where sweet, happy memories would be formed. Little did I know that it would become part of who I am.

When I joined as a Junior Research Analyst in a team of 3, never would I have imagined that I would still be part of the Delta Partners family today.

Our main challenges then were how to support consultants in 3 offices deliver projects to a handful of clients – often figuring out sales and distribution strategies, fixed (copper – was FTTH even a thing in emerging markets?) networks or starting up operations with 3G. As luck had it, I had joined the team at a time when I was able to see the firm transform, grow, and enable its people to be part of its success story.

Soon enough, the team of 3 grew and so did the number of clients and the projects we support. The greatest experience was the exposure we got from working with consultants on hundreds of projects in the last decade. It was no longer about designing sales channels commissions or finding out the consumer ARPU evolution for some operators. I found myself working with my team on telcos’ digital value proposition, Infracos, customer experience best practices, 5G use cases, sports, gaming, and smart cities to name a few.

There were barely any moments when you felt saturated or that you have been doing the same thing over and over. The research team grew to become part of the fabric of the firm and an important thought partner contributing to knowledge management and content creation.

This story would not be so real if it was so perfect and without any moments of uncertainty and frustration. This was especially the case when you had to race against time to deliver research findings or when you were asked about something that a consultant “is certain has seen somewhere” or is sure can be found. Imagine the most granular split of the least reported KPI for the most exotic countries and you can be sure we would have been asked about it at some point!

When asked about what makes the Research and Intelligence role at Delta Partners such a rewarding, enriching and unique one, I find it hard to name one reason. It most certainly has to do with the great exposure, the ability to have a meaningful conversation at any level on the latest trends in the industry, the chance to work with excellent professionals to support projects for clients across the globe and the value you know you can add beyond the research outcomes. But above it all, is the team.

I have been entrusted to lead the Research team at the firm a few years ago and we have built an engine together that has been delivering some of the most insightful, robust, and in-depth research products.

The efficiency in the processes we established, the energy in each team member, the innovation everyone brings to the table, the willingness to go beyond what is prescribed, the passion for the industry and the strong sense of belonging are all reasons why this journey has been and still is an enjoyable and enriching one.

Today, the Research and Intelligence team at Delta Partners is still growing and supports projects and business development requirements for all our clients. The team is also responsible for knowledge and content management and is engaged in producing its own portfolio of TMT trackers and databases to always be at the forefront of all developments in the industry.