My INSEAD internship experience with Delta Partners in Barcelona

I joined Delta Partners as a Consultant Intern during the summer of 2021.

I came across Delta Partners in the presentation given at INSEAD to the MBA students, and decided to choose Delta Partners as the best option for the MBA summer internship as it has Offices worldwide, recognized experts in TMT, offered both strategy consulting and corporate finance, and it has a mix of partners with deep consulting experience with others coming from the sector.

Even though the internship was only for 7 weeks due to the shorter duration of the MBA program at INSEAD, I was able to do 3 different projects during my time in Delta across different topics.

The first week was spent supporting the team with the analysis for the strategic plan of a Tower company. From an explanation about tower infrastructure by the principal in charge of the project to researching about impact of 5G, colocation and deals in the market. After the first week, we were staffed in a commercial due diligence. Starting with meetings with the client, experts in the field and discussing with the partners the best approach to provide make our client Win. Finally, we supported an African operator in a data center curve out project together with the corporate finance team based out of Dubai.

Clients in the USA, Africa, and Europe working with teams in Dubai and South Africa was a clear example of how global Delta is. A strategic plan, PE deal and a financial curve out project in only 7 weeks is also evident as to how diverse and fast paced the work is, and how much you are able to learn thanks to huge expertise of all team members.

I was lucky to have done the internship at the Barcelona office while also work with teams in Dubai, while also being able to reach out to teams of Singapore and South Africa for advice based on their experience on previous projects. The team was amazing to work with, but I also felt part of the Delta family really quick. Having lunch while talking about Olympics, discussing the weekend plans, or having Pep Guardiola visit the office on my first week were definitely an amazing complement to this experience.

I am really happy for the experience gained during the summer internship at Delta, the people I was able to meet, and I encourage all the students either undergrad or MBA to apply to Delta Partners if interested in TMT strategy consulting.

Gerard Tell