2021 GLF Fraud report

This year’s report, “Demonstrating Accountability in the Fight Against Fraud”, marks a major milestone for the international carrier industry. For the first time, we can, as an industry publish the names of carriers that have demonstrated action to seek to minimise fraud on their networks and across the industry.

We are able to name the 19 international carriers that have passed the GLF Anti-Fraud Code of Conduct Attestation process. Details of the process and the results are included in the fourth annual report.

The purpose of the formal attestation process is to help the Code of Conduct signatories to assure they have the necessary capabilities and systems in place to comply with the principle of the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, it provides third parties an independent verification of the carrier’s capabilities to actively fight fraud, and their commitment to:

  • Actively monitor and report on fraudulent activity;
  • Assist in the investigation of fraud;
  • Take the appropriate and swift steps to stop payments to those who commit fraud;
  • Implement standard contractual clauses to harmonise the treatment of fraud across the industry

The attestation was done independently by the GLF organization and supported by Delta Partners and it involved the assessment of the responding carrier’s current systems, processes and policies against agreed benchmarks set in accordance with each of the six principles of the Code of Conduct. Each response was further verified by evidence.

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