Delta Talks EP006: Women in leadership positions in Tech

In this Episode, we speak with Vijji Suryadevara around women empowerment, women in leadership, and hiring and retaining female talent in Tech.

Vijji is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive, passionate about using technology to make a difference. Vijji brings her technical and management skills to the role of CIO & Head of Engineering to build a scalable technology organization and innovation culture to enable rapid growth of Phizzle.

Vijji was the Founder, CEO & CTO of CareerWaze a Future of Work startup. CareerWaze is an AI driven Career and Learning advisor helping users acquire in-demand skills. Vijji was also the Founder & CEO of BPA Technologies a VC funded Technology Services startup focused on Content Management Solutions for Fortune 500 Companies. BPA was acquired by a Moody’s group company ICRA in 2012.

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