New Entrants Training Week

“People with different tribe, race, religion, and nationality can come together and accomplish something extraordinary. The key is the culture of unity and teamwork.” – Farshad Asl

With 10 offices around the world, 250+ people, and a continuous effort in ramping up, teamwork and collaboration are imperative to our success and growth as a firm.

Over the last week, we flew in our new entrants from South Africa, Singapore, New York, and Barcelona into our HQ in Dubai for a one-week in person training. It’s something we haven’t been able to do since the start of the pandemic, and we’re very pleased to be able to have done that this year.

Throughout the course of the week, the consultants are put through a rigorous training program that go through problem solving, case studies, developing personal impact, client interactions, and client presentations.

Having joined the teams during their training sessions and for all the fun things, I’ve outlined some key takeaways from our consultants below:

‘The first day was introductory to problem solving skills – we’ve seen in all in theory, but it was nice to have it in real life where we worked together to collaborate applied the theory to actual information.’ – Riya Santhilal, Business Analyst, Johannesburg

‘The second day was by far the most interesting. It was about making an impact, where there were 4 managers and external consultants where they acted as a management team of an external company, functioning as the CEO, CIO, CTO and CFO. We were given a basic analysis on the company, and we had to the interview the people in their acted roles, and then give feedback to the companies’ presentation.’ – Jed Kronenberg, Business Analyst, New York City

‘Though I have consulting experience in a TMT space, The NET training was highly engaging, and I truly enjoyed meeting so many bright colleagues face to face after being unable to travel for such a long time. We had fun time taking an actual Delta Partners case and working through the hypothesis tree and identifying the key analyses required. Honestly, you cannot have too much practice on problem structuring and hypothesis formulation regardless of how long you’ve been in the business.’ – Janne Pajuniemi, Senior Principal, Singapore

‘I think the setup having senior management was a really great concept and put us under pressure, but was really helpful for real life. The diversity at Delta is astonishing, it was amazing that they flew us down to meet everyone and that the collaboration is so natural in real time’ – Sara De La Fuente, Business Analyst, New York City

‘The third day is when I realized I don’t know it all, and that I have a lot to learn when it came to understanding a problem. When I zoomed out that day, I realized I was not actually solving a problem at all. I jumped into explaining what the problem was, vs thinking of how to solve it. And that day I started to see how this was a pattern, and how to structure problem solving for a client.’ – Rafael Zardain, Business Analyst, Barcelona

‘The opportunity to interact and engage with people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds was insightful. It allowed us to see how different individuals approach problems and situations. This was especially interesting during the final case study where, even though each group approached the problem in a separate way, we could all learn from each other. This diversity was present both inside and outside the training room, as at dinners and events we were able to get to know one another and have a good time together.’ – Ceara Commins, Business Analyst, Johannesburg

Tying into the learning and development aspect of the training, were of course – in true Delta fashion – a couple of fun nights out.

To conclude the training sessions on Friday, we took the team to the Dubai Cup Horseraces, where we had a few of our consultants join us to have an informal chat about their career path, and share any insights they might have with the new joiners. The horse races fostered a really healthy competitive spirit as people chose their horses, and allowed everyone to get an insight to each other’s thought processes.


Written by Samrita Adwani, Marketing and PR manager, Dubai