A Family that Believes in You – My Delta Partners Internship Experience

Before accepting my offer from Delta Partners, I was aware that travelling overseas was a norm in consulting and was mentally prepared to fly for work if the situation arose. However, what I did not anticipate was the opportunity to travel with the company within the first few days of my internship and what’s more, to the beautiful city of Paris!

Paris TMT Offsite

Even though I had only been in Delta Partners for less than a week, I was invited to the TMT Offsite event in Paris. Over the three days of exciting team bonding activities and exposure sessions, I was able to meet many colleagues from all over the world and deepen my understanding of TMT topics.

Kenneth (2nd from right), together with FTI and Delta colleagues at a Bicycle Tour in Paris

Kenneth (3rd from right), together with his Singapore office team in Paris


My Project Experience with Delta Partners

Upon returning back to Singapore after a fun time in Paris, I worked with one of Southeast Asia’s largest Telcos to define and execute a transformation of their video streaming platform. For this project, I had the opportunity to work on multiple workstreams, such as: (1) Defining the project management reporting structure for the project; (2) Facilitating an ideation workshop; (3) Fine-tuning a customer survey sent to over 900 respondents; (4) Summarising leadership and advisory board interview findings; (5) Conducting competitor benchmarking analysis across global, regional, and local video streaming platforms.

The most memorable moment of this project was when I successfully presented my benchmarking findings to the client, after a week of intense groundwork by my team and me. The feeling of euphoria we all felt upon receiving the client’s positive feedback about our presentation and insights is now a memory I keep close to my heart. Beyond these achievements, it was the camaraderie, laughter, and joy I shared with my team that made the entire project experience truly unforgettable. (Shoutout to Vincent, Janne, Bryan, and Alexa – you guys are awesome!)

Kenneth (seated), together with his team members, Alexa, Janne, Vincent, and Bryan


Dubai New Entrants Training (NET)

Midway through my internship, I was presented with yet another opportunity to travel with Delta Partners — this time, to the sunny city of Dubai for the New Entrant Training (NET).

Over the course of the NET, I was able to develop my skills in areas such as problem solving, business modelling, and client interaction, through interactive case study exercises. Beyond the practical training, the NET was a fantastic platform for me to forge meaningful connections with other new joiners, as well as consultants and operations team members across different levels of seniority.

A highlight of my NET experience was during my group’s final mock client presentation, when our presentation slides did not load at the last minute. Imagining it was a real client presentation, my team adapted to the unforeseen circumstances and instead of depending on our slides, sat down and had a sincere conversation with the client leadership team. To our surprise, this played out to be effective as we were still able to bring our message across successfully and were praised for our adaptiveness. Ultimately, my key takeaway from this experience is that the focus of client presentations should not be about fancy-looking PowerPoint slides, but effective and impactful conversations.

Kenneth (left), together with his NET groupmates, Angelina, Franceso, Dharshen, and Eduardo

Kenneth, basking in the afternoon sun of Dubai’s desserts at the end of his NET


Thank You Delta Partners!

As mentioned in the title of this blog post, my internship has shown me that Delta Partners is a family that truly believes in its people. Since day one, I have felt welcomed and integrated into the Delta family. From the coaching and mentoring I received, to the multiple instances the firm invested in me so I can travel and be upskilled, I have witnessed how much the firm desires to nurture its people.

For the rest of my internship, I will be working on an operational efficiency project for one of Australia’s largest telcos, and look forward to working and forging strong relationships with the Singapore and Dubai office consultants staffed on the project with me.

Thank you Delta Partners for making my internship experience an unforgettable one thus far!

Kenneth Wong, Business Analyst Intern, Singapore Office