10 tips to successfully navigate the Delta Partners interview process

We are kicking off our Fall Semester tour across business schools around the globe. We would like to detail a set of learnings that the team has been gathering after interviewing and assessing thousands of candidates during the last 15+ years.

The Strategy Consulting interview process can come across as intimidating and complex. Moreover, open positions are highly demanded, as all firms receive a large number of applications on a regular basis. It is a ‘game of inches’, and every small detail can help making the difference.

Please see below 10 tips that we believe can incline the balance in your favor, when going through the interview process.


  1. Show motivation for the opportunity
    Demonstrate your enthusiasm for Delta Partners, pursuing a career in Strategy Consulting and making an impact in the TMT industry. Make sure you know exactly what you are applying for and demonstrate your interest in the open position. We’re looking for passionate / energetic candidates, and the interviewer will be assessing behavioral-related skills.
  2. Market yourself
    Pitch that you are best suited for the job but do it in a genuine manner. While you should avoid coming across as arrogant, being confident and convincing the interviewer you’re made for this job is definitely a plus.
  3. Take your time to think
    It is OK to ask the interviewer for a couple of minutes to structure your thinking prior to getting into solving the case. Use that time effectively and do not abuse it either.
  4. Be on the driving seat
    During the case, make sure you lead the process. It is important you show autonomy and ability to reach a solution. Demonstrate you are action oriented and self-sufficient. The interviewee should be doing 75-80% of the talking. Do not be afraid if it looks like a monologue – the interviewer will step in if needed.
  5. Active listening
    Even though you should lead the conversation, remember this is a two-way conversation. It is important that you pay special attention to the interviewer´s comments or questions. They might be giving you some guidance or subtle tips. You should be able to react to these comments, incorporating any guidance and advice within your thinking.
  6. Share your reasoning
    It is important that you share your thinking and reasoning out loud with the interviewer, even you are uncertain about the way you are taking or the answer you’re reaching. It is OK to make a mistake. Actually, interviewers value if you’re able to spot your own mistakes, going back and amend them taking a different route. From the beginning, be very open about the process you want to follow to solve the problem, sharing the structure you propose to use to address the case. Case interviews do not have a single right answer. The interviewer is more interested to see how you structure the problem and address it vs. the actual answer. Show empathy for problem solving.
  7. Get comfortable with numbers
    Be ready for some mental math. While you can use paper support, show off your skills with the interviewer. Go as fast as you can while trying to minimize errors. It is also relevant that you’re pragmatic and are able to use ballpark estimates that make sense and rounding numbers whenever necessary.
  8. Keep up with the TMT industry
    For those applying for junior positions, we assume that you are not an expert in TMT. Nevertheless, it´s always good if you demonstrate that you are interested in the industry and that you have done some research (e.g. latest trends, news, or hot topics in the industry). Some of our cases can be TMT-related, so the more you know about the industry, the more references you will be able to provide and more business acumen demonstrate.
  9. Practice, practice, practice
    There are different type of case interviews (market sizing, value proposition, brain teasers, etc.) and plenty of online examples so that you can practice beforehand. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be.
  10. Relax, make it a conversation
    Interviews should not feel like exams, but more like a conversation with your possible future employer / colleague. Don’t let your nerves hold you down.


We hope you find these useful and can help you in any way during the process. We’re looking forward to receiving your application and seeing you shine during the interview process.

Best of luck!

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