My first year at Delta Partners, a truly global community

After nearly one year at Delta Partners, it is difficult to capture in words the combined professional experience and sense of community that I enjoy every day here. Delta is more than a professional undertaking–it is a community of smart and hardworking professionals who enjoy one another’s company.

Before Delta, I worked briefly at a larger consulting firm where all work had gone virtual since Covid. Despite wonderful people, this lack of in-person work led to two problems: 1) it was harder to learn and develop as a young professional without working side by side with seasoned consultants 2) the sense of community was limited without in-person interaction.

These two issues (undoubtedly common for other recent Covid-era graduates) formed my criteria as I searched for new opportunities and were front-of-mind as I interviewed at Delta. I did not know it then, but Delta Partners would surpass my expectation.

Despite landing the job with a similar amount of time in consulting as the other analysts, I was in awe of their ability to attack intricate problems faced by industry-leading clients. I was nervous to begin my first project: conducting due diligence on a leading data center provider for potential acquisition. I had sparing knowledge of the TMT space and even less of data centers.


Continuous learning is a key factor

There was no need to be nervous. Working closely with my project manager and other analysts on my team, I learned how to approach problems critically, efficiently, and structurally. Thus began my training as a problem-solving athlete–a training process that continues and evolves with every new project faced.

But training can be ineffective without guidance and feedback–as a young professional, it’s not always easy to identify where and how to improve. Delta’s bi-annual evaluation process fosters many feedback touchpoints throughout the year so we can keep a pulse on current strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This approach to feedback is empowering, allowing me to take control of my improvements not only as a Delta but also as a professional. It’s comforting and invigorating to know that Delta wants to see us develop our careers rather than treating analysts merely as company assets.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m really at work when I’m at Delta. Delta partners and managers showcase a certain authenticity and vulnerability–demonstrating that professional success does not require the kind of work persona made infamous by depictions of “water cooler talk” in American sitcoms. Perhaps due to its international nature, Delta culture allows for extreme differences among personalities. The byproduct of this is a tight-knit community.


A cross-continent community that feels like home

It still astonishes me how close this community can feel for such a global firm. Perhaps the opportunities to travel and meet coworkers across the world have something to do with it. Through training and projects, I have traveled across three continents, four countries, and five US states–meeting coworkers from the Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, and Johannesburg offices along the way. It’s always exciting to meet other Deltas and expand our dynamic, hilarious, and sometimes bizarre community.


Philip Bliss