Paris-Dubai-Jakarta: My global internship experience

When I applied for the internship position at Delta Partners, I was attracted by the opportunity to immerse myself in the TMT industry while challenging myself to grow beyond my limits. From the start, I quickly realized that Delta Partners’ focus on developing talent was not just a slogan but a real commitment. The support, mentorship, and opportunities I have been given have far exceeded my expectations and allowed me to grow personally and professionally.

My 3-month internship at Delta Partners gave me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in the consulting industry. Throughout the program, I was fortunate enough to travel to different cities around the world, which allowed me to network with colleagues and industry experts from different countries. These events gave me a first-hand understanding of the life of a consultant and will continue to be invaluable as I develop my consulting career. In addition, the opportunity to visit client sites and see how Delta Partners applies its expertise to real-world challenges was eye-opening.

I am glad for the opportunities and the team’s support during my internship. I visited three global cities: Paris, Dubai, and Jakarta. These trips demonstrated the firm’s global reach and exposed me to different cultures and business practices. As a result, I have gained meaningful knowledge that deepened my understanding of the TMT industry while giving me an insight into Delta’s culture.


TMT offsite in Paris

Just a week before the start of my internship, I received exciting news: I was to be sent to the Paris offsite on my second day. As a new member of the Delta team, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to interact with colleagues at all levels and live the firm’s culture first-hand.

During the 4-day offsite in Paris, we participated in various team building and networking activities. With many options given, I chose a cruise around the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the company of my friendly and welcoming colleagues. It was an incredible experience to connect with so many talented professionals – and so early in my career – and I felt lucky to be part of such a dynamic and supportive community.

The Delta culture is all about working hard and playing hard, and this offsite was the perfect example of that ethos in action.


NET Training in Dubai

I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge at the company’s headquarters in Dubai. A month into my internship, I joined a group of newcomers to attend courses taught by industry experts. Through this, I learned relevant and practical skills – not covered in an academic curriculum – such as problem-solving, business modeling, mini-sample projects, and role-playing client interactions.

One of the most exciting parts of the training was collaborating with my new team on a given project that simulated peak uptime while brainstorming on a project. We were taught to use the “method” that Delta Partners uses to solve problems – and we did! Regardless of seniority, everyone shared their thoughts as we brainstormed on the whiteboard.

We also had to reach out to different teams within Delta Partners to efficiently gather the information we needed, as we only had a few hours to create a deck. My teammates were encouraging and thoughtful and they even offered me the opportunity to present the deck, which was nerve-wracking but fulfilling.

Outside of training, we also had the opportunity to bond with our colleagues over meals and drinks. It was exhilarating and memorable to see how hard my colleagues work and socialize together. Participating in the New Entrants Training (NET) program was a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and new skills, make valuable connections and immerse myself in the Delta culture.


Client site meetings in Jakarta

During my internship at Delta Partners, I was fortunate enough to be involved in two projects in Jakarta – a data center project and a video streaming project. These projects provided invaluable opportunities to visit client sites and interact with clients on the ground.

Working closely with my team members, we held productive brainstorming sessions and incorporated client input into our discussions. The experience allowed me to understand better the client management side, a critical aspect of consulting. Being able to join the team on-site and work with the clients gave me a realistic insight into the life of a consultant, and I am grateful for this.


My projects at Delta Partners

During my first project at Delta Partners, I worked with Anshul, Jonathan, and Jasper on a data center project. Although the project was complex, my colleagues were patient and supportive as I worked on tasks such as: (1) summarizing the results of executive and advisory board meetings (2) conducting competitive analysis (3) researching colocation pricing pressures. Interacting with industry experts throughout the project helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of the field.

For my second project, I had the pleasure of working alongside Janne, Bryan, and Alexa, where I supported the team on several critical topics, including (1) product strategy, (2) content strategy, and (3) OTT platform RFP. Despite being a newbie, the team was encouraging and gave me opportunities to learn and grow. Through various brainstorming sessions, I honed my ability to think critically and communicate effectively. I was particularly appreciative of the open and collaborative work environment, which encouraged me to speak up and share my ideas.

Overall, I am grateful to have had the chance to work with such talented and supportive teams on both projects. Their guidance and mentorship allowed me to learn and grow.


Thank you, Delta Partners!

In conclusion, my 3-month internship at Delta Partners was a valuable learning experience. From traveling to different global cities to working on dynamic projects, I have been exposed to different cultures and industries while honing my skills as a consultant. Through my interactions with my colleagues, I have learned to work independently while proactively seeking help when needed. Overall, I am thankful for the support and guidance of my colleagues and the opportunities that Delta Partners has provided me. I believe this internship has not only deepened my understanding of the consulting industry but has also helped me grow personally and professionally. Thank you, Delta Partners, for an unforgettable internship!


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