Learning, efficiency, and global experience: my first six months at Delta Partners

During my first six months at Delta Partners, I worked on two projects, traveled to three different countries, and worked with colleagues and clients from more than ten countries, giving me a truly global experience.

Client engagements

I was fortunate enough to work on an NGO project for my first assignment. From day one, I vividly remember receiving the assignment and meeting the team. Our goal was to help the NGO expand its movement to bring computer science education to children in the Middle East. This project made me realize that consulting can have a meaningful and sustainable impact on people’s lives, beyond just generating revenue and profit for large corporations.

My second engagement, which could not be more different from the previous, is with a wholesale company. It has been an enriching experience to learn about technologies (such as submarine cables) and understand how they have not only revolutionized global communications but have also generated sustainable returns for investors over the years and will continue to do so in the future.


Learning and Development

Delta places great emphasis on continuous learning and development, which is an integral part of the company’s culture. Shortly after joining the firm, I had the privilege of attending the New Entrants Training (NET) program in Dubai. While the primary objective of the NET was to provide training in fundamental consulting skills such as problem-solving, structuring, and client engagement, it also provided an excellent platform to interact with other new joiners and network with senior members of the firm.

In addition to structured learning programs such as the NET, the majority of learning and development comes from day-to-day work. Coming from a corporate background, I was impressed by Delta’s efficiency not only in client engagements, but also in all other aspects, including recruitment, onboarding, and IT support. Delta Partners is a well-oiled machine with a relentless focus on efficiency.


The new Riyadh office

I am one of the first people to join the brand-new Riyadh office and am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in KSA.

I am also currently part of the recruitment team for the new office. In addition to interviewing for junior and graduate positions, I recently attended a four-day recruitment event at King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Khobar, KSA, where I enjoyed meeting and introducing our company to hundreds of potential candidates.

My first six months at Delta Partners have been busy, eventful, and enjoyable, and I look forward to what the next six months will bring.


Yousif Humeida
Senior Consultant