Mandela Day: Uniting South Africa through Acts of Kindness

Celebrated on the 18th of July each year, Mandela Day, in honor of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of service, exists to encourage South Africans to actively engage in 67 minutes (or more) of giving back. For Nelson Mandela Day this year, the Delta Partners Johannesburg office participated in two projects that were coordinated by our CSR team: a blanket drive for One Small Act of Kindness and a solar lamp drive for the Realogile school in Alexandra, Johannesburg.


Blanket Drive for One Small Act of Kindness:

The biting cold during Johannesburg’s winter can be unforgiving, especially for those less fortunate and without proper shelter which prompted a blanket drive for this year’s Mandela Day initiative. Around 60 blankets were donated to One Small Act of Kindness who then distributed the blankets to those in need.

Below are some photos of our team at One Small Act of Kindness dropping off the blankets:


Lamp drive for Realogile School:

Loadshedding has been an ongoing headache in South Africa since 2007 but has become particularly bad this year, with power cuts regularly exceeding 11 hours a day. Frequent power outages present challenges to less fortunate students, who struggle to study in the evenings due to power outages. In response to this issue, the Delta Partners Johannesburg team donated 60 solar lamps to Realogile school in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Below are some photos of our team at Realogile School handing over the lamps to students:


Giving back has an impact that extends beyond the recipients, it leaves an indelible impression on those who contribute. The excitement and appreciation shown by the Realogile scholars left a lasting sense of fulfillment amongst the office members who went to hand over the lamps. Our CSR team chooses meaningful and impactful initiatives and partnered with well-organized organizations to achieve the desired impact.


Hannah Hill – Business Analyst Johannesburg