As the world continues to generate data in unprecedented ways, opportunities to use data for better research, innovation, and decision making will continue to emerge as a key differentiator to be competitive in market. TMT players will need to continue to evolve and plan their future with data-driven approaches to go beyond expectations.

To support our clients for this ambition, our Analytics team is specialized on resolution of C-level exam questions, as a team of knowledgeable and experienced consulting professionals, data scientists and data engineers. We build systematic solutions via cutting-edge Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities for C-level & strategic missions – dedicated to TMT clients across the globe.

Through the application of our proprietary analytical frameworks and methodologies, we generate actionable recommendations to support our clients to tackle key business problems from strategic initiatives (CAPEX prioritization, CX measurement, Big Data strategy) to execution activities (ML/AI use-cases, decision making support).

Delivering analytics in the TMT industry

Delta Partners’ Analytics Practice has over 12 years of experience in the TMT industry.
2.3bn consumers

served indirectly in 150+ environments

1,000+ engagements

delivered in consulting and 200+ analytical engagements

100+ clients

including telco operators, regulators, media companies, OTT players, etc.

50+ countries

coverage and analytics work performed in many different situations

How are we different?

We ultimately aim to resolve our TMT clients’ analytically driven strategy design needs and analytical execution supported with top-notch methodologies and solutions, regardless of how big or structured the data is. Our differentiation is built along the following dimensions to ensure seamless & data-driven consulting delivery.

From strategy to execution: We ensure end-to-end consulting delivery including strategy design and analytical enablement and execution operations.

In-depth TMT know-how: We are specialized in partnering with global TMT organizations. This gives us a unique advantage of harnessing TMT business needs with advanced technical concepts.

Being technology agnostic: Our analytical professionals bring a collective experience for variety of tools and platforms. Our proprietary assets & solutions can be deployed on any environment with minimum effort.

Globally present & locally aware: Our well-connected consulting organization enables us to successfully operate world-wide by easily obtaining best practices as well as knowing unique challenges due to local market dynamics.

Tailored & customizable solutions: Our proprietary analytical approaches ensure utmost customization to each client’s unique business environment.

Dedicated enablement & execution arm: Our analytical execution team demonstrate both in-depth technical expertise and business knowledge around complex analytical topics.

Our Product Portfolio

Discover Datafarm

In the process of answering c-level exam questions through analytics, Delta Partners has developed unique assets and capabilities including: tools, dashboards, datamarts&datalakes, models, and unique algorithms.

Our clients started demanding us to transfer our unique capabilities to them, and we created Datafarm, our dedicated enablement analytics unit. Datafarm transform our recommendations and insights into tangible products and assets that are developed and integrated into the data ecosystem of our clients.

Datafarm has specialized talent in development, data engineering, architecture and even design allowing us to deliver end to end data driven solutions

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