Connected Industries

Innovative technologies are driving transformation and innovation across all industries. For example, advances in connectivity with 5G and edge computing are enabling new use cases in manufacturing and logistics, including more flexible production line reconfiguration, removing the need for fixed wire networking, and ‘cobots’ to support the production line and smart warehousing. Similarly, the rise of software and AI/ML are transforming operations, with the healthcare sector using learning algorithms to assess substantial amounts of data, such as electronic health records, to support patent diagnosis, monitoring and care.

Across all sectors, the way companies and organizations produce and operate internally, connect with partners, and interact with end-consumers has and will continue to change at an accelerated rate as industries become more ‘connected’. Leading organizations recognize this change and the need to continuously adapt and innovate in how they work and what they deliver, leveraging technology to enhance their operations and offerings.

At Delta Partners, we support both public and private sector entities across a range of industries to capture the opportunity that digital transformation enables. We help clients un-pack both the key strategic questions and the practical realities of execution, to unlock the value that tech can bring. Through our hands-on expertise we guide clients in their assessment of the disruption and opportunity of technology, including developing the commercial and technical strategy to develop winning market propositions.

How we are different

In-depth knowledge on current and future technologies, with capability to assess and prioritize relevant technologies for range of industries and organizations

Deep sector specific knowledge and understanding of key needs & trends spanning all industries (Health, Agriculture, Automotive, Energy)

Extensive hands-on global experience supporting technology strategy and digital transformation for broad range of public and private sector organizations

Extensive network of partners & experts across all key verticals with deep knowledge and experience

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