Corporate Strategy

Technology has become the main catalyst for sustainable value creation in the Telecom industry. Leading operators find themselves already involved in a second wave of digitization while cloud computing and new generation connectivity are powering new disruptive technologies, such as AI& ML, IoT, XR and Automation.  We believe that Telecom operators will progressively become more specialized in different domains, while at the same time, progressing towards a sustainable carbon neutral industry in 2030.

Unparalleled level of investments from financial and strategic investors into digital infrastructure has increased valuations to levels that few anticipated. Governments are taking a more decisive role to promote (even to build) ICT infrastructure that supports digitization of the whole economy and enable the creation of national Digital champions. In this context, telecom operators can and should play a key enablement role. Large operators can simply focus on selling telecom assets they no longer deem strategic and/ or continue with their network cooperation agreements. However, we believe they can also play a more strategic role and find the right angles to “coopete” with hyperscalers and cloud providers in the set up of the Telecom networks and Edge Cloud.

Our strategy practice supports operators, infrastructure companies, investors in digital infrastructure, governments and regulators to anticipate technological disruptions for the telecom industry and implement solid plans for each stakeholder and societies as a whole.

How are we different?

In-depth industry and technology knowledge: For the last 20 years we have assembled a team of experts and specialists from all TMT domains. We keep track of all relevant technology disruptions from our CoEs placed in Silicon Valley and Singapore. We participate directly in several of the larger infrastructure deals in the Americas, MENA or Asia. We advise C-level clients and Boards of leading Telecom operators and Infra providers around the world

360 view of TMT industry strategies: We bring a 360 view on industries strategies based on our work with key stakeholders: 1) Governments – supporting governments defining strategies to transform the TMT sector; 2) Operators – Supporting operators developing and implementing corporate and BU strategies; 3) InfraCos/Netco – supporting InfraCo/NetCo defining and implementing their strategies; 4) Investors – Supporting investors defining the optimal assets, allocation of resources and funding strategies

Bridge Strategy and execution: Our clients have competent teams who already understand technological changes and the implicatons for their business models. When required, we partner with them to execute and transform ideas into actual business models: from infrastructure and technology to B2C, B2B, B2B2C and wholesale

Global prescriptive: Our TMT strategy team supports clients across the globe based on a global staffing process. That allows to bring together learnings and experiences from global markets and thus de-risk both strategy setting and strategy execution

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