Customer Experience

As the world becomes a more globalized and commoditized space, products and services are a given, and the customers are in control of their relationship with the brand.

Customer experience, or customer centricity, rather, becomes the key source of competitive advantage.

A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, helps you retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy. This is why it’s so important to provide a remarkable experience and make them want to continue doing business with you.

No longer an option, it’s an imperative.

Delta Partners CX practice helps you figure out where to focus the efforts, then design great customer experiences, and arm you with the right capabilities and operating model to deliver them.

Our Customer Experience practice is rapidly expanding


Served across various CX topics.

#1 US telco

supported across its CX transformation journey.

20+ experts

with multidisciplinary skills encompassing strategy, design, measurement, and culture.

Global coverage

through CX hubs in Dubai, New York and Singapore.

How are we different?

Our CX center of excellence supports clients across the entire Customer Experience Transformation Journey, from setting their strategic direction, to designing experience that matters, to creating the critical enablers required to make CX a core focus of the organization.

Synergies between CX and Analytics:
Traditional CX approaches lack actionability and link to value.
Analytics makes customer experience actionable, by providing a tool to navigate through CX and focus teams on initiatives that will create the most value for customers and for the business.

Unparalleled operational view
With a clear view of the key challenges in CX transformation (and the typical pitfalls), we provide a pragmatic approach in overcoming them. Vast knowledge of customer operations and proven experience in transforming them.

Farsighted view of what great CX look like
Strong North Star thesis augmented by best practices examples from Tech and other industries ahead of the CX curve (e.g., travel, financial services, retail).
Deep understanding of emotions and their role in driving decisions and creating long term differentiation / loyalty – hence driving CX virtuous cycle & business impact.

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