Now we are going one step further with DATAFARM, our new analytics service line.

Today, Delta Partners uses analytics to provide answers to key C-level exam questions and in the process, we have developed unique capabilities to process and transform granular and arid data into powerful insights and strategic recommendations.
We have now decided to bring forth our ‘behind the scenes’ analytics prowess and offer it to our clients under a new service line – DATAFARM.





DATAFARM will engage with our clients on a long-term basis and provide ongoing support for the operationalisation of our best practices in data intelligence.

DATAFARM will complement our analytics offering with a new support model to operationalise analytical intelligence with the well-known Delta Partners spirit: commitment, creativity and passion for our work.

Our dedicated team of data scientists and analytics consultants will make our own methodologies, data models, in-house big data platforms and frameworks available to our clients to drive analytics enablement and analytical execution in their day-to-day operations.





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