With the rapid change in the Telecoms industry, there is a focus on the new, more challenging field for field operators. With profitability coming second in an increasingly digitized world, there is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, alongside innovative competitors that add pressure on the bottom line.

To this, it is imperative to transform networks and technology in the rapid TMT space. That said, most operators begin with technology and operations, where they do face a few challenges: increasing complexities causing disruption to the business, increasing running cost of technology that leaves little to no budget for transformation projects, not to mention slow and cumbersome legacy processes amongst others.

How are we different?

Our deep expertise in Infrastructure offers a unique proposition for our clients.

Our engagement with mobile, fixed, and convergent operators on network strategy & transformation, TCO optimization, sharing, rollout of innovative technologies and legacy decommissioning have allowed for us to have solid experiences in supporting operators to rethink and optimize their networks.

We have also excelled in supporting operators in network monetization through wholesale go-to-market and growth strategies of infrastructure, connectivity and VASs as well as infrastructure carve-out in co-operation with our Investment Banking team.

With a dedicated team and senior advisors that include former CTOs of major operators, we have formed partnerships with specialized firms, adding value to the overall Network preposition that Delta Partners offers.

With global expertise and a top-notch team, we are part of FTI Consulting, a $5bn global advisory firm, with a 100+ offices, serving over 50 clients. Additionally, our multidisciplinary team come from over 40 countries, bringing a global approach.

Our Product Portfolio