Learning and Development

We welcome over 60 new colleagues into our firm annually. These colleagues come with different set of skills, experiences, backgrounds and expectations.

We invest about $500,000 annually in training and professional development for all staff across our offices. We provide our employees with training programs that help them master the skills they need for their specific level and allow them to progress further with us.

The training program covers a wide variety of subjects, including management consulting skills, functional areas, industry insight, investments and venture capital, amongst others.

All new entrants will receive a training on their entry into Delta Partners. The New Entrants Training provides introduction to the firm and its different departments, our values, overview of the industry, trends and main concepts and also a perspective on living and working in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or The Americas and the specifics of the different cultures.

Our annual Junior Offsite, a two-day training program, provides another learning and networking opportunity for our Analysts.

The offsite provides an opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in the TMT area through an array of presentations, discussion panels, role plays and interactive exercises. Apart from the learning experience, the offsite provides all Analysts the opportunity to network and socialize with colleagues from other offices as well as with senior members of the firm.

We also provide our Analysts with the opportunity to apply for an MBA sponsorship at top Business Schools in the US or in Europe.

What are we looking for?

Business Analyst

Analysts join us after completion of their undergraduate or master’s degree from top global universities, sometimes with some professional experience.

Although no specific degree background or work experience is required, many Analysts have studied business, economics or engineering and have undertaken relevant internships in consulting and/or within the TMT industry.

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Consultants are graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with some relevant professional experience in a management consulting firm, in the TMT industry.

Consultants could also be graduates from top MBA program who may not have prior experience in management consulting or the TMD industry but are interested in embarking on a career path with management consulting upon graduation.

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Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants perform end-to-end analysis and take responsibility for entire modules within the assignment, working in close collaboration with client teams.

Although senior associates may come from diverse backgrounds, we look for individuals who have demonstrated superior performance in their careers to date and possess strong leadership skills.

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Engagement Manager

Based within our Management Consulting business line, Engagement Managers lead project teams on the ground, whilst taking full responsibility for the delivery of high-quality work from your team members. Engagement Managers are also expected to manage the day-to-day relationship with our TMT clients.

Engagement Managers are actively involved in generating intellectual capital, expected to help in recruitment, marketing and training to further expand and develop the business.  Internally, you will also be heavily involved in mentoring and coaching junior members.

Generally, Engagement Managers join with five or more years of experience in a top global strategy/ management consulting firm and have extensive knowledge within the TMT space combined with an MBA from a top business school.

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Principals are experienced consultants with solid management consulting work experience and are considered experts within their industry sector.

Working alongside the Partner Group, principals are expected to develop new relationships, generate new business leads and be heavily involved in leading large C-level client engagements from day one.

Principals are at the forefront of the project working alongside other junior and senior members of the Delta Partners team and must ensure that the highest quality of work is delivered.

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Associate Partner

Associate Partners are generally promoted from within our Principal pool and are seasoned professionals with almost 12 years of experience from a top global strategy/management consulting firm.

Associate Partners should also hold an MBA from a top business school. Associate Partners will bring with them a wealth and depth of knowledge within the TMD space and will be viewed as industry leaders.

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