Barcelona, capital of the Catalonian province of Spain, is one of the most culturally-rich cosmopolitan cities in Europe. History and modern economic dynamism define the city of Barcelona where tradition and modernity play an equally important role.

Famous for its socio-economic model, Barcelona has been able to transform itself into an economically competitive and socially cohesive city, with a long tradition of attracting foreign direct investment.  According to data from FDI Intelligence, FDI flows into Barcelona gained momentum after the global financial crisis, doubling from 29 projects in 2011 to 58 in 2012. Capital expenditure increased by 301%, with total capital investment of $230.9m recorded in Barcelona between January and September 2012. 

Spain has always been considered the gateway to South America and traditionally, Spain has been the second home of FDI flows in Latin America after the USA. From the telecommunications industry perspective,  we saw the opportunities to help global and European telecom players expand into South American markets and went ahead and opened our Delta Partners office in Barcelona in 2009.

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