Smart Cities

Around the globe, public and private sector entities are realizing the importance of digitizing their operations and services to provide a better, more efficient experience to end-users; be it users, citizens, or customers. A movement so profound – Smart Cities.

COVID-19 has only accelerated this trend and made it a key priority for businesses and governments around the world – as a key chance for them to shape their future differently, leveraging technology and the power of data to “do things better”.

To support our clients to fulfill their objectives, our Smart Cities and Digital Convergence team specializes in answering the less obvious, key strategic questions that are a priority for public sector and business leaders across the world.

Whether the question is around how to build a smart city from scratch, or how to embrace new technologies in the management of business operations, our team has built deep expertise through hands-on strategic execution across several smart city programs and digital transformation projects around the globe – allowing us to develop a unique thesis on this topic.

How are we different?

From strategy to execution: end-to-end support ranging from strategic conceptualization identifying the key elements needed to drive success, to driving project management and delivery of key initiatives

We know TMT and are able to connect dots: our deep TMT expertise and our experience, having been on all sides of the table, working for both public entities (city municipalities as well as various ministries) and private entities such as tech and telco players enables us to balance choices and trade-offs in a holistic manner; spotting synergies in the ecosystem to accelerate growth

Integrated multi-practice approach: our Smart Cities & Digital Convergence practice has been able to co-create several unique methodologies together with other DP practices such as Data & Analytics, Technology & Infrastructure, and Customer Experience, always ensuring that the expertise keeps abreast the latest trends

Hands on experience: We have significant experience delivering strategic projects for public and private sector entities, setting the strategic direction for ‘smart’ solutions and driving digital transformation in their operations and services

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