Sports & Gaming

Not only are traditional sports expanding due to the globalization of content, but there are also new sports are emerging due to the “hunger” of content, and new ways of broadcasting through OTT and D2C.

Recent broadcasting deals breaking previous revenue records are proof that sports is, without a doubt, the most premium content. Moreover, they are the virtual “arena” where traditional broadcasters, telco companies, e-commerce retailers, and OTT platforms fight for them.

In addition to sports, gaming is also a fast-growing industry, not just in revenues derived from the sales of games and consoles, but also in terms of content production. However, we foresee a professionalization of this content that is currently produced by individuals and broadcasted through OTT platforms.

We have identified a few challenges, amongst others wherein sports organizations need to enhance the fan monetization beyond broadcasting rights. How can gaming content become premium? And how can other industries’ leaders leverage sports and gaming to attract more customers?

Delta Partners set up a dedicated global teams to find solutions to these challenges.

How are we different?

Trends experts: We have identified key questions that sports organizations, sports broadcasters and gaming stakeholders ask and have developed a PoV. Our network comprises of industry experts with prominent experience around the world.

Profitable businesses: We recommend only options that are financially viable and profitable for the shareholders. We evaluate revenue, costs of capital impacts in a granular manner to devise risk/reward scenarios that appeal to our clients.

We define and implement: We have deep experience in big transformation programs.  Once strategy is defined, we walk side by side transforming the plan into reality with the help of our wide network of experts and tech providers.

We make deals: Considering the high interest of PE and Investment funds for sports and gaming, we work closely with our Investment Banking business unit to manage end-to-end financial deals.

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