Fabian Campo

Ahead of us are exciting times. Particularly in the US, where the industry will shape what it can do with the next wave of tech and infrastructure

At a glance
  • More than 15 years’ experience across four continents.
  • Specialises in technology investment, wholesale commercialization and operational transformation
  • Based in New York, where he will help drive the firm’s growth

Fabian is a Senior Managing Director based in New York and has been part of the firm since 2008. Fabian has more than 15 years of advisory and experience supporting C-level clients across high growth markets including Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Fabian’s core areas of expertise include technology investment, networks, wholesale commercialization and operational transformation in both Telcos and regulatory bodies across four continents.  Fabian has been a key player in the firm’s growth over the past decade.

Prior to joining the firm, Fabian worked as an IT consultant for Accenture in Spain, the UK and the US.

Fabian has an MBA from IESE Business School. He speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.