Technology is a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era. Our clients are presented with an ever-increasing number of innovative technologies in an increasingly complex landscape that promises to reshape their industries and unlock business value.

Delta Partners works with our clients to try to understand not only what they need to achieve for a specific matter or issue, but how to solve the larger problem in a more holistic way. Delta Partners considers the problem from the client’s perspective and subsequently applies the right combination of technology and expertise.

We bring a strategic and business perspective to clients as well as deep expertise in the most advanced areas of technology. We aim at bringing practical strategies to our clients in areas such as blockchain, advanced analytics, edge and quantum compute.

How are we different?

Problem-centric, not technology centric: We evaluate problems first and align solutions with potential technologies next. We avoid technology bias by avoiding assessing which problems a technology can solve, instead we assess what technologies can solve a certain problem.

Focused on business value: we translate technologies in business value so the impact and risks on the business can be accurately assessed by the business leader. We evaluate revenue, costs of capital impacts in a granular manner to devise risk/reward scenarios that appeal to our clients.

From strategy to execution: we ensure end-to-end consulting delivery from problem assessment to strategy definition, financial evaluation, and technology execution (RFP, implementation support)

Vendor-agnostic: Delta Partners is a neutral advisor without affiliations to technology vendors. We evaluate the problem first, align solutions with potential technology approaches next and finally can support our clients with vendor-led processes.

Our Product Portfolio