SMD connect sessions - being heard by Senior leaders in the firm

As Yotam Ottolenghi rightly said “Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could”. The Delta Partners ‘SMD connect sessions’ is playing a significant role in bringing this to reality.

Last month, I joined the first edition of the SMD connect series with few of my colleagues – Lughain and Samrita, and the SMD we had lunch with was Josep Que – one of the leadership team members in the Dubai office. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know each other, reminiscing our recently held Paris Offsite and ponder over how the employees feel in general. The best part, however, was the chance to know each other from not just a professional but also a personal angle.

The work schedules for each one of us were super busy as all were prepping up for the Eid break due in first week of July. Despite the ongoing client meetings, high priorities, all managed to make it on time for the lunch at BabyQ at Dubai Media city. What we earned for ourselves was a lovely top view, bright sunshine, delicious food, and an hour of unwinding amidst the busy schedules.

I was introduced to the fellow colleague Lughain who works for the Research team, got to know more about Samrita, and Josep, the SMD on the table with whom I closely work on my current project and leads multiple Telecom projects in the GCC regions, but had never got a chance to know on a personal front.


We enjoyed a great meal and talked about a great experience at the recently held Paris offsite, our experience of living and loving the Dubai city and finally plans for the Eid break. One thing I took away on a personal front is when Samrita shared her previous experience of doing a Vipassana session, and the benefits one could achieve out of this and how she had personally benefitted out of this. In our busy corporate lives, we all keep chasing the targets, meeting deadlines but do not prioritise time to sit back and practice mindfulness which will ultimately help us look within ourselves and refresh our mind and focus on our own wellbeing.

In addition to learning from one another, a key element of this session was to share our views and feedback with Josep and understand his views on our thoughts from a firm’s perspective. He was also very reciprocal to feedback and gave us very valuable inputs on our career growth and development.

I personally enjoyed every bit of the conversation during the lunch hour and the informal set up helped us all to have candid conversations with the leadership team on matters related to the organisation, work and culture and also personal choices. I think it is a great initiative by Delta Partners to help us know each other, foster bonding with colleagues and leadership and last but not the least, a great way how we can better understand the organisation goals and gain a sense of belonging to this wonderful organisation.

Overall, it was a wonderful team lunch filled with lots of laughs, friendly banter, awesome food and refreshing conversations!!

Looking forward to knowing more of my fellow colleagues and SMDs through this awesome initiative.



Shrejal Chaudhary
Expert, Analytics practice