My first 100 days at Delta Partners

It has been three months since joining Delta Partners, and I have already travelled to three geographies: Paris, Barcelona, and Dubai. What’s even more interesting, is that my working teams have even been more global. I’m currently working with teams in Singapore, London, and Barcelona.

Needless to say, my expectations of joining a global company have been delivered, more so because I actually joined Delta Partners during the pandemic, and my initial introduction to the company was a global offsite in Paris. I didn’t know anyone from the company upon my arrival in Paris, but 3 full days later, and I was already acquainted with half the firm!

Meeting the other half did not take much longer though. I travelled to Dubai for the New Entrants Training (NET), just after the trip to Paris. While the NET was intense and challenging, it was a great way to realize just how bright the minds at Delta Partners was and how collaborative the environment was. The energy was motivating.

Keeping aside the travels and training programs, it was time to tackle my first project. I was assigned a high-speed project under the direction of Si Min, a Manager in the Singapore office, and here are two of my main takeaways from my first project here:

  1. We work on some really ground-breaking topics
  2. There’s always a fun debate on what to order for dinner

On the topics I worked on, while I can’t say I’m an ‘expert’ in such a short time, I have definitely read almost everything that has been written on it.

On the topic of dinner, I think we can all agree that food brings people together. In saying that though, my manager and I had some very opposing concepts on our love for food. Being from different cultural backgrounds, we had different palettes, and different ideas on how much food is enough food: less is more (me), more and way more (Si Min). Needless to say, I did 100 running laps of Parc de la Ciutadela since she left.

One final serious takeaway: joining a global company, as I said at the beginning, met my expectations. What I was not expecting was joining a globally integrated company. Back to the dinner story, without Si Min flying from New York (where she was doing her secondment) to Barcelona, we won’t have been fighting over dinner, yet we would have missed the sharing of ideas, approaches and different cultural perspectives that enriched my first 3 months at Delta.

Francesco Greco