POTSY painting!

Though one of the world’s leading political, economic, and cultural hubs, New York City does not always have the budget or resources available to upkeep its 1,700+ parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities. These public areas may infrequently fall in the limelight, yet they provide tangible reflections of community health and quality of life. Delta’s NY office CSR team dedicates itself to supporting various communities throughout the city and thus organized an event to help preserve one of these public areas, the Augustus St. Gaudens playground.

The Augustus St. Gaudens playground is used every day by local Kindergartens/ middle schools during recess and after school, as well as by all other children in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of the fan favorite games used by the children such as “potsy” or “hopscotch” had started wearing out and were no longer usable.

On the cold and wet morning of Sunday October 23rd, Delta Juniors dedicated themselves to repainting the playground ground games at Augustus St. Gaudens playground. Despite the looming threat that rumbling storm clouds might wash away their efforts, these individuals committed themselves to applying multiple layers of acrylic paint to asphalt with speed, precision, and artistry. Everyone channeled their inner Picasso to make the games more vibrant and welcoming! Luckily, a slight drizzle left the games clearly visible and easy to use, with the playground smelling of fresh paint. Following the event, Dominik Fries communicated the group’s general sentiment, saying that “we would have loved to see the smile on the Children’s faces the next day! Either way, it was a great time with the team!” As Philip Bliss put it, “It was a bad day to be a can of paint!”

It was an amazing experience to be able to help our local community and more specifically the children of NYC. We look forward to having more amazing CSR experiences with even more Delta’s!



  • Jed Kronenberg: “It was rewarding to paint playground games at a park that reminded me of where I liked to play as a kid, and I look forward to the next opportunity to help out in such a great community.”
  • Ryan Rafferty: “It was fantastic to interact with the local community and brighten up the park on a gloomy Fall day”
  • Philip Bliss: “It was a bad day to be a can of paint!”
  • Adam Saliling: “I was so happy to make the Augustus playground better one Potsy square at a time!”
  • Jacob Chouljian: “Helping the kids of New York City AND bonding over a common interest for social good with my colleagues made it a perfect event”
  • John Schiltz: “It was incredible to see what a lasting impact can be created from just a few hours of service to the community.”
  • Dominik Fries: “I would have loved to see the smile on the Children’s faces the next day! Either way, it was a great time with the team!”
  • Sacha Warnod: “I am happy that as a team, we were able to make the playground more welcoming for the children who use it!”
  • Pietro Cantarelli: “Realizing something that in the small daily routine can help someone has always had the bitter taste of not going anywhere with respect to the big picture. I’ve always wanted to do more. For that you need role models and strong enthusiasm that give hopes even in this uncertain future. I found this in a large team, composed by delta juniors and by their energy. It was a pleasure to stay next to them and got inspired.”