Delta Wings: an immersive experience

With the global pandemic shaking up corporate cultures, in our small way, Delta Wings brings employees together in feeling like they’re part of a community within the company where they work. Delta Wings brings people together in the form of post-pandemic events where the juniors of the firm organize fun activities and come together.

Delta Wings is the task force at Delta Partners that organizes opportunities for employees to get to know each other and spend time together that isn’t related to coordinating Excel models or PowerPoint presentations.

Our organisation is very informal and based on a concept of entrepreneurship and collaboration. Anyone who has ideas about new themes or events can propose them and if the budget is approved, we proceed with the organisation, where everyone contributes and gives suggestions. Anyone in the company can participate and help and everyone’s voice is heard. In this way Delta Partners subsidises team activities, including the most junior members in the conversation to create opportunities that meet everyone’s expectations and tastes. This system is implemented across all offices worldwide, from Singapore to Johannesburg, from Barcelona to Dubai.

Some examples of highly successful events are the Padel tournament, Secret Santa, the go-kart race, and the top golf day. Thursday night, laptops are closed, drinks and snacks on the tables, a golf club and more than 40 people competing for the best swing: at the end of the day, the simple things are the most effective, and taking advantage of the opportunities that a city like Dubai gives you is a lever that we always consider when selecting events to organize.

The simplest things though, can be extremely impactful for the company culture, for the general wellbeing and motivation of employees.

How the company is perceived by those who are part of it has an influence on the way teams perform, on the company’s reputation both externally to the eyes of new talents and internally by the same employees. The company is a place to meet and exchange ideas, to grow professionally and personally, and it is important that everyone feels it is their own, sharing the company’s values and mission.

Working in a company that supports social occasions organised by the employees themselves is a privilege: it is part of the attention that the company leadership gives to people. Creating events for employees, for their growth and fulfilment, helps to create a real social network and improves performances. Happy men and women that feel the sense of belonging to something more than just a place to make money, contribute to a better company. That is why it is essential to continue sponsor and expand social corporate activities.

Anna Fagotto
Business Analyst